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A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds, by Rick Jordan

A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds, by Rick Jordan

Up For Sale is A SOFT COVER Book Called

A GUIDE TO MACAWS As Pet and Aviary Birds

by Rick Jordon

First Published 2003 by ABK  Publications

Fun Book About Your Bird


You will look forward to Reading All About Your Bird.

Knowledge about your bird is important, be part of your bird's life.

This wonderful quality book is written to help the novice AND Breeder on how to help with the  Health ,

Care & exercise of there your bird.....

We send To Australia ONLY .


Book is by ABK Publications.

DIMENSIONS of Books:  167mm wide  x 237mm high.

Pages in Book: 135Pages with 150 Colour Photos.

Weighs: 280 Grams, Thats allot of High Quality Paper!

The Book has many sections, see below.

page CONTENTS         page              
7 ABOUT THE AUTHORS       51 Weaning    
8 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS         When to Begin Feeding        
10 The Macaw History , Mthology, Legend       What Foods Should I Choose      
15 Section1 Macaw in Aviarys           Caging a Weaning Bird        
16 Quarantine             How Long Will Weaning Take      
17 Handling Macaws           54 Diseases and Disorders Common to Macaws  
19 Aviary Design and Constriction             Adult Bird Ailments          
  Conventional Flight Cages             Respiratory Hypersensitivity ASTHMA        
  Suspened Aviaries             In The Nusery
  Wire Choices               Viral Diseases          
  Perches             *Pacheco's Disease Virus  
  Nestboxes               *Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD)  
  Food and Water Containers             Exotic Newcastle Disease        
  Predator and Rodent Problems         Internal Papilloma Disease (IPD)        
20 NUTRITION           Chlamydophilosia (Psittacosis)
Prevention of Disease
  Should I feed Seed?
Are Sprouted Seeds Healthy?
Fresh Foods
Commercial Pelleted Diets
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.
          Section 2
Preparing For Your New pet Macaw
Choosing Suitable Bird as Your Companion
Does Each Species Have a Differant Personality
Living Arragements-
Is A Pet macaw Right for You?
The Health Check for New Birds
32 Breeding               Quarantine in the Home          
  Sex Determination
Pairing Birds For Breeding
  Male Compatiibility             64 Housing Your Pet Macaw          
  Egg Laying and Parent Incubation         Cages for Macaw      
  Infertility             Making Your Home Macaw Safe.          
  Parent Rearing           Outdoor Aviary Consideratins        
  Handraising         Toys and Entertaiment for Your Pet Bird        
  Record Keeping       Night-Lights for Security        
  Records on Breeding       68 Feeding Your Pet Macaw          
  Positive Idetification           What is the Best for a Pet Macaw        
  Artifical Insemination     Dietry Supplemets            
  A Note on Hybridisation         Do Macaws Need Grit          
44 Artifical Incubation           69 ILLNESS & DISEASE OF PET MACAWS          
  Selecting Eggs for Incubation         Prevention
  Choosing an Incubator       70 Behavioural Problems in Pet Macaws    
  Incubator Temperatures
Incubate Humidity
Positioning andTurning of Eggs.
          Why Do
Does  Rearing
When Pet Birds 

To Do

with it ?
  Hatch Time,             How Can I choose a Bird That Will Not Have These Problems
Excessive or Destructive Plucking and Chewing of Feathers.
  Uncubation Period             Biting!!            
              Hand-shy Birds
Making a Wild Bird Tame again
48 Handrearing From Day One         Section 3            
  Is Handrearing Necessary or Desired         75 Blue and Gold Macaws        
  When to Begin Feeding           Scarlett Macaw            
  Is Digestion Normal?
What Formula Should I Choose
Vitamin and Mineral  Supplementaion
          Military Macaw
Buffons Macaw
Green-Winged Macaw
Red-Fronted macaw
Hyacinth Macw
Blue Thorated Macaw
  Brooder Temperatures             and many more            
  Growth Rates -
What is Normal.?


Great Present for Your Pet Lover Friend!


Authorised Stockest of ABK Publications

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