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(GROOM_JW_20PIN) JW-GRIPSOFT Undercoat Rake 20 Teeth Grooming Brush Comb DeShedding
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GRIPSOFT Undercoat Rake 

 Product Description 
  • Used by professional groomers, the JW GRIPSOFT Undercoat Rake has a row of round-tipped teeth that can reach dogs' under layer of hair for better care.
  • The ergonomic, non-slip rubber grips provides comfort and control, molded over a trigger-shaped rubber handle.
  • Comfortable to grip, and easy to control.
  • Removing dead hair and dander, while dematting and untangling hair.
  • Perfect for use on any coat type and texture.
  • It loosens lightly matted parts using lesser pressure, making grooming a more pleasurable experience for both pet owners and pets.
  • The JW Undercoat Rake is a must have for double coated dogs as it is designed to penetrate the outer coat and down into the dense undercoat.
  • The rake removes fine undercoat hairs during the shedding of double coated dogs and helps break up mats and remove tangles.

    The JW Undercoat Rake has been specially selected for your pet grooming needs and is manufactured to the highest quality.
  • The rake features rounded metal teeth with a flat base so it is gentler on your dog's skin.
  • It also features a carefully designed handle with soft-feel grip that gives you a comfortable and stable hold whilst brushing.
  • Grooming Time is a Special Time for You to Bond with your Pet.

 Product Specification:
      Full Length: 180cm
      Head Width: 12cm
      Number Of Teeth: 20 Rotating Steel Pins
      Weight: 160Gram
      Features Plastic Handle with non-slip finger and thumb rests for extra control.

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