Heat Mat Cord/Cable - 25W - 4.5M - CABLE ONLY

Heat Mat Cord/Cable - 25W - 4.5M - CABLE ONLY

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Reptile Heat CORD / CABLE,25 Watt 4.5M
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We are offering up for sale a Brand NEW
We are buying direct from the same overseas manufacturers of Name Brand Products, just not labelled under those brand name.
There by cutting out the costs associated with the retail supply chain.

The is a quality brand HEAT CABLE, you will not be disappointed

 Item Description Australian Standard 2 pin plug and cable.

  • Silicon Sealed Round Cable
  • Wattage: 25 W
  • Cable Length :- 4.5 Meters
    Heating:- 2.5m
    • Australian Standard 2 pin plug and cable.
    • Due to Australian Safety Standards, the first 2 meters will NOT heat up .
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
    Reliable Heat element.
  • Heat Cables can be wound in areas mats can reach.
  • Ideal use in Terratiums 20 - 50L, or Incubators, Hatching Rakes.
  • Extra thin design with maximum flexibility.
  • Their shape sees a greater concentration of heat in a more defined location.
  • Heat Cables are not recommended to be submerged for long periods of time.
  • NEW items in original packaging - never been used
  • Please Note 
    Heat Cable should not cover more than 1/4 to 1/2 of the base of the enclosure. 
  • Heat Cables are best used in conjunction with a good thermostat to ensure that they do not under nor overheat an enclosure.
  • Warning -This product has Australian Standard Electrical Certification. When
    buying electrical products online, for your safety, please ensure they have these standards.
  • If you require a Thermostat, we sell A Digital version in our store. 
    • Please consider the following recommends when you purchase a Heat Cable , only to be used for pets only.
      • Some of the places you could use the Heat Cable are reptiles Terariums 20 - 50 l size, hermit crabs. Also used in the healing proccess of many injured animals .
      •  Heat Cables are not recommended to be submerged for long periods of time, due to the possible damage that could be caused to the outer coating  by chemicals in the water,
      • A good idea is to use the Heat Cable to heat a ceramic tile which in turn is used to heat your animals. This simple technique helps disburse the heat ensuring ultimate comfort for your pets.
      • We recommend setting up your enclosure and testing all heating equipment BEFORE introducing your pets to the enclosure.
      • If the Heat Cable is being used  we recommend  putting the cable at one end of the enclosure so Pet can escape the heat if required.
      • Thermostats are the best way to regulate the heat given off by Heat Cables.
      • Should your Heat Cable get damaged then please discard the heat mat as they cannot be safely repaired.
      • 12 months warranty on product ONLY. MUST prove original purchase from us ONLY.
We accept no liability for losses or damages in transit , BUT if you insure item we will assist you with claiming the carrier for any losses.

All items are checked prior to shipment, and while we have not experienced any problems with Australia Post, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damage during shipment. If you wish to insure your purchase against damage during shipment, we recommend you select the Registered Post option, which includes insurance up to a value of $100.00. Cost Is $3.50. 

We Also have in stock other sizes,
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50W,   7M
  100W, 12m long Heat Cables.
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