Stainless .9L Bird / Steel Bowl, Hanger "NEW" BUYS 1 BOWL

Stainless .9L Bird / Steel Bowl, Hanger "NEW" BUYS 1 BOWL

Up For Sale is


Feeding or Water Bowls with Hanger!

Fun Items for Your Birds

Made from a Thicker Than Normal Sheet of Stainless Steel & and Has a Highly Polished silver Look.

Stainless .3L Feeder Bowl CLAMP or HANGER for Bird/Rat        BUYS 2 BOWLS

Chew Proof

Rust Proof


So Tough its Scratch Proof

Easy to clean.

The bowl is a seperate unit to the Hanger , easy to remove for refilling.

This is the Large size,

Each has a diameter  6" or 150mm X 2 1/2" depth or 65 mm..

Each Holds .9Litres of water.

Can be used for food or water.

Suitable for Mice,Rats, Ferrets, parrots, birds & many other small Pets!

Great Gift Idea!

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