Large Tall Flight Cage with Tidy

Large Tall Flight Cage with Tidy

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BIG BIRD CAGE suitable for Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Quakers, and other small parrots.
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NEW Tall Flight Cage with Tidy

The Cage is NEW and it Measures

760mm (30") Across Front
460mm (18")Deep
920mm (36") High

Bar Spacing is 11mm

Sculptured from powder coated Black thick steel.
Cage is well made and assembles securely.

Very Spacious Flight Cage for Active Birds. 

Has 2 Huge Doors for Cleaning or bird Access. 

Suitable for bird Breeders.

Also comes with 2 Feeder Cups , 
2 Timber Perching Rods,
Slide out cleaning Tray


This bird cage is roomy with plenty of height and width.
It comes with plastic tray and clear food dishes that are easy to clean and see through so you can see how much food is left at a glance.

This cage is recommended by Clever Birds the Pet Bird Specialist 
We trialled the early models until perfected for Cockatiels and other small parrots as the perfect cage. 

It is the only cage used by Clever Birds.

Two cages can easily be joined together by removing 1 end panel to make a 2 metre wide flight cage. 
At this price why not give your bird that extra space! 


CAGE MEASUREMENTS: 760mm (30") Across Front x 460mm (18") Deep x 920mm (36") High.

A stand is available for it to bring the height up and enable you to wheel the bird cage from room to room or onto patio for a little sun and fresh air. 

Lots of room for cage toys and accessories in this large bird cage.

Included at No Extra Cost is a Cage Tidy

No MORE Broom and Dust Pan



This Cage Tidy will fit most any  SHAPE  measuring  anywhere  from 200CM(79") to 244CM(96") in circumference.

Its S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S, !!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! No more broken Elastic bands.
This stylish seed guard is made from a beautiful, rich,material that not only looks great but is also very durable and easy to care for. 

No Elastic in This Product.
Simply machine wash in cold water and Spin Dry and hang out to dry.

Seed catcher and cage cover also available , At Extra cost

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