Bono Fido Staydry Basket

Bono Fido Staydry Basket

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Bono Fido Staydry Basket Red Dog Bed
Comes in  Blue and Red.
A stylish and comfy bedding for your furry friend to rest and sleep in!

  • Constructed with incredibly durable materials that include tough rip-resistant nylon that is both waterproof and flea-proof.
Ensures long-lasting use, ready for all the rough and tumble action your pet and the weather can deliver!
  • Features a reversible woollen fleece cushion, keeping your dog cosy and warm on cold winter nights,
flip it over for a cooler comfortable sleep on hot and sticky summer nights. Designed with high sides for security and comfort.
Your Pet will no longer invade your bed in the middle of the night!
  • Easy to clean, just wipe off the dirt and machine or hand wash the woollen fleece and cushion insert

  • Surprise your dogs with a new bed and let them have their own beauty rest!

Brand: Bono Fido
Colour: Blue or Red
Base Material: Polyester
Pack Contents: 1x Bono Fido Stay Dry Dog Basket

  • Suitable For Dogs
  • Durable Unique Fabric
  • Tough Nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Rip-Resistant
  • Flea-Proof
  • Reversible and Fastened Cushion
  • Higher Sides For Security
  • Woollen Fleece

Small - 60x42x23cm
Medium - 70x52x25cm
Large - 80x62x25cm
XLarge - 91x72x30cm
XXLarge - 103x85x34cm

Provide a relaxing bed for your dog buddy with Bono Fido Stay Dry Basket Bed. Made from durable quick dry polyester and tough waterproof,
Flea-proof and rip resistant nylon. A practical purchase for your furry friend that guarantees comfort and long-lasting use.
Features a reversible cushion that can be used for both summer and winter.
Has a soft, woollen fleece for cold nights and higher sides for security.
Easy to clean, simply wipe off the dirt and machine or hand wash the woollen fleece and cushion insert.
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