Terrarium Water Dish or Feeder Bowl - Large

Terrarium Water Dish or Feeder Bowl - Large


We are offering up for sale a Brand NEW

1 x Terrarium Reptile Resin  Water or Feed Bowl  LARGE


We are buying direct from the same overseas manufacturers of Name Brand Products,

just not labelled under those brand name.

There by cutting out the costs associated with the retail supply chain.

The is a quality brand Feeder Bowl, you will not be disappointed

Item Description

  • Bowl Size: approx. 140x110x25mm, holds approx 160ml
  • Highly Polished inside bowl. prevents mould build up,making it more durable and longer lasting.

    Please allow 1cm + -  for human error in measuring!

  • Suitable for frogs and other amphibians as no paint used.
  • This item is made from color resin and is NOT painted so will not flake over time.
  • Water Dish has built in "escape steps"
  • Step allow reptiles, amphibians and any livefoods to get out safely and avoid drowning.
  • The natural looking design will blend in well in desert, forest or tropical terrariums and vivariums and will encourage natural drinking and bathing behaviours.

  • They can even double up as small snake baths!

    The shape and weight of the Resin shallow rock pools means they are difficult to tip over for even the most determined reptile.

  • Meaning less cleaning for you and added safety for your pet.

    Suitable For:

    • Desert Habitats
      • Forest Habitats
        • Tropical Habitats
          • Lizards
            • Snakes
              • Amphibians

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ALL Pet Homes Water Dishes are packed in a BOX .




Brisbane :  :- Local pickup can be arranged Contact seller for arrangements.

 I Will post as soon as funds have cleared. All Items Leave within 48 Hours of Payment.

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Thanks Heaps & Happy Trading!

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