Reptile Brooder Kit with 5.5inch Aluminium shade, Black Thermostat, 75W Black Bulb

Reptile Brooder Kit with 5.5inch Aluminium shade, Black Thermostat, 75W Black Bulb

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Kit Includes:-
Digital Black Thermostat, 
5.5" Lamp Shade,
1 x 75watt BLACK ceramic bulb

This NEW improved Black Model Will Control Up to 500watts

100% brand new Digital Thermostat  J900
PID technique, accurate, temperature adjusted per 0.1°C
Can be attached (by 2 x 3M tape) on the glass, or stand on the table, or be hung on the wall
Perfect for reptile aquarium and terrarium.


MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL:- Place the thermostat probe inside your enclosure at the point/ level / height you want heated,

The thermostat will turn your heat source on or off according to detected tempuature.

  • Controls up to 500 WControl works like Dimmer switch, simply Rotate dial.
  • Heat Range : 24 to 40C
  • Power Cord :1200mm Long
  • Temperature Probe Length : 1200mm Long
  • Thermosta is Ideal for many uses including:

  • Below are only some options we thought off.
  • Any type Egg Incubator temperature control
  • For Baby chick brooder control
  • For Rabbit thermostat
  • For Reptile thermostat
  • For Puppy thermostat
  • For Kitten thermostat
  • For Aquarium thermostat
  • For Baby Bird brooder control
  • Other Features:

  • Heat range: 24 to 40C
  • Power cord length: 1m
  • Temperature-Probe length is: 1m
  • LED display indicating 'power on' and 'heat source on'
  • Large 2 digit temperature display to one decimal point - ours is very accurate and very precise!
  • Simple dial you preferred temperature.
  • Can be used as a digital thermometer also for mant things.
  • On/off thermostat Control
  • Comes with Timer plug socket (timer not included)
  • Can be used to detect both air and water temperatures
  • Universal plug accepts international plugs as well as local Australian plugs
  • Australian standard 2 pin plug and cable
  • Simply plug into standard Australian power supply and start using!
  • Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

  • This Reptile Thermostat Temperature Control Unit allows exact digital management of incubator, brooder and aquarium heating sources.
    Highly accurate and reliable on/off thermostats suitable for controlling up to 500 watts of any heat source including light globes, brooder lamps, aquarium heaters and heat pads.  This is a fully self contained temperature control system ready to use straight from the box. 
    No assembly or additional cables are required.
    Please Note
    Heat mats are best used in conjunction with our Digital Thermostat to ensure that they do not under nor overheat an enclosure.

    Installtion Instructions.
    Attach the Remote Sensor inside the enclosure where you want the Temperature to be measured.
    Placing the remote Sensor directly contacting  heating element should be avoided.
    The Thermostat body should be installed outside of the Enclosure.
    Please make sure that the thermostat and the power plug always remain dry.
    Plug the heating unit that is to be regulated ( heating Stone, Heating Mat, Heating Lamp etc) into the supplied power socket.
    Select the desired temperature with the control knob in the digital instrument panel,
    The unit will then begin to measure the actual temperature and will interrupt the power supply to the heating unit as soon as the desired temperature is reached.
    The thermostat and all connected components ahould never be tampered with or dismantled.
    Please watch to never surpass the maximum thermostat capacity of 500 watts
    The thermostat should first be disconnected from the power supply when changing connected units.
    See to it all Electrical/Electronic devices remain outside of the reach of children and unauthorized persons.
    For safety reasons, please check the unit data and logical function on a regular basis.
    Warning -This product has Australian Standard Electrical Certification. When
    buying electrical products online, for your safety, please ensure they have these standards.
    Please consider the following recommends when you purchase a Digital Thermostat , only to be used on pets.
  • Power Board cord 700mm Long
  • Box Size : 100mm x 55mm x 35mm
  • SPECIAL Waterproof Thermometer Probe
  • Guaranteed +/- 1 degree Centergrade Accurate at the Probe
  • Universal Plug Accepts international plugs as well as Local Australian plugs
  • Australian Standard 2 pin Plug and Cable
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Our Thermostats work to a precise setting,  
  • Our Thermostats  help maintain your incubator or brooder temperature.
  • Our Thermostats work to help stop over heating  or under heating. 
  • Our  Reptile Thermostat Temperature Control Unit works by exact digital management of incubator, also can be used for brooder and aquarium heating sources.
  • Our Thermostat works is Highly accurate and reliabley turns iteslf on and off
  • (It goes on or off when set tempuature is reached) suitable for controlling up to 500 watts of any heat source including brooder lamps, and aquarium heaters, heat light globes, and heat mats.
  • This is a fully self contained temperature control system ready to use straight from the box.
  • Our  thermostats are suitable for detecting water and aiur temperatures
  • No assembly or additional cables are required.
  • We recommend our thermostat can be used for an  incubator, or for reptiles, brooders.
  • All you need to do to get started is Simply Plug the thermostat into power point , then connect your heat source , what ever it may be,  into the thermostat.

Brooder Aluminium Lamp Shade for Reptile Lamp or Chicken Brooders 

Lamps Shade Clamp lets you use shade in a Multi Directional way, just point in the direction you need the heat to go. 

Item Description

  • 5.5" Dome ( approx. 14cm diameter x 12cm height )
  • Ceramic Battenholder fitting suitable for use with Ceramic bulbs.
  • Pre-wired Reptile Lamp with ceramic battenholder ready to plug in and use, 
  • 1.8m cable
  • Inline on/off switch
  • Comes with shelf clamp
  • Heat resitant ceramic fitting
  • Standard ES screw fitting ( Screw in )
  • Australian standard 2 pin electric plug.
  • Reptile Lamp Holders are made from heavy gauge painted aluminium.
  • The ceramic socket ensures safety and the lamp can be used with the Clamp Lamp safety cover for added protection.
  • It also has a built in handle, handy for hanging.  bulbs you would need to keep you reptile healthy, such as Infrared, Compact UV, Daylight and Nightlight, Ceramic Heat Emitter.
  • Reptile Lamp Holder comes with a switch on the power line which allows you to select the desired setting to control heat and light in your vivarium or terrarium.
  • This can eliminate the need for changing your bulb during hot weather etc
  • We recommend that Ceramic Heat lamp Shades are used with thermostats to regulate the heat given off.

PLUS Flat profile, 1 X 75W Black screw-in ceramic heat lamp bulb

Unlike other heat lamp bulbs, ceramic heat lamps generate only infrared ceramic radiant heat – not light. This not only saves you energy, but also prevents keeping your animals awake at night, simulating a natural cycle and promoting greater health, growth and vitality. Because no energy is wasted as light, they are much warmer than a standard light globe of similar wattage and give off intense radiant heat very quickly – perfect for basking animals. Ceramic heat lamp bulbs also last much longer than conventional lighting globes which helps offset the upfront costs. Their compact shape and screw-in fitting allows these infrared lamps to fit inside most standard reflector light fittings without protruding like other ceramic heat emitters.

Item Description

  • Wattage 75
  • Standard ES screw fitting
  • 240 volt
  • Heat emitters give off heat but no light so they do not interfere with the normal day and night cycles important to your pets.
  • Black Reliable ceramic element.
  • Ceramic heat emitters last much longer than conventional lighting globes which helps offset the upfront costs.
  • They give off intense radiant heat very quickly which is great for basking species.
  • These compact dome shaped emitters are great as they fit inside a standard reflector light fitting and do not stick out like the larger flat ceramic heat emitters do.
  • Their shape sees a greater concentration of heat in a more defined location.
  • NEW items in original packaging - never been used 

Heat Emitter Size

  • 105mm Long From Tip to Flat End
  • 89mm Wide at the Flat End
  • 31mm Shaft to Screw in Fitting

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