Bird Food and Water Dispenser

Bird Food and Water Dispenser

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Chicken/Bird Food Dispenser and Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-2KG-2L-BI) 2KG Bird Food Dispenser and 2L Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-2KG-4L-BI) 2KG Bird Food Dispenser and 4L Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-3KG-2L-BI) 3KG Bird Food Dispenser and 2L Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-3KG-4L-BI) 3KG Bird Food Dispenser and 4L Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-3KG-5.5L-BI) 3KG Bird Food Dispenser and 5.5L Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-6KG-5.5L-BI) 6KG Bird Food Dispenser and 5.5L Water Dispenser
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(CBFDWD-8KG-7.5L-BI) 8KG Bird Food Dispenser and 7.5L Water Dispenser
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Chicken/Bird Food Dispenser and Water Dispenser


We have the Latest Updated Model

We at Pet Homes are an established seller on ebay for the last 10 years 

We are constantly improving our products.


This Chook / Bird Food Dispenser is designed with divisions built into the feeder tray.

  • Divisions discourage the chickens from 'swiping' the grain or pellets out onto the ground

  • Dispenser is Highly Rated

ü Heavy Duty  UV Stabilized Plastic

ü High Quality Clean plastic

ü Easy Clean

ü Individual feed compartments

ü  Loop for hanging with ease


This Chook/Bird Water Dispenser has the same High Quality UV Stabilized Plastic as our feeders so you know it will last.

  • Animals also enjoy a nice cool drink , so remember to leave drinker in a shady spot

  • Dispenser is Highly Rated

  • Be sure to check and refresh water every few days.

  • Water Dispenser is best placed at beak level, to help prevent water soilage.

    1.Material: Plastic
    2.Color: White+Yellow
    2L Drinker 22cm 23cm
    4L Drinker 27cm 28cm
    5.5L Drinker 30cm 31cm
    7.5L Drinker 34cm 33cm
    2Kg Feeder 22cm 21cm
    3Kg Feeder 24cm 25cm
    6Kg Feeder  30cm 30cm
    8Kg Feeder 35cm 37cm

Pet Homes Personal Guarantee - 12 Month Warranty

We give you 12 Months to use the Feeder,and during the 12 months if the Pet feeder develops a manufacturing fault or  manufacturing defect, we will do our best to fix the problem, but if we cant , you may request and get a 100% refund of your purchase price...

Guarantee does not cover in the event that you Pet bite's or scratch's the feeder... I can guarantee that the manufactured quality of the product will not dissappoint you.If Refund is granted buyer must pay for return delivery costs.

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