A Guide to Asiatic Parrots Indian Ringneck Book Revised Edition

A Guide to Asiatic Parrots Indian Ringneck Book Revised Edition

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Guide to Asiatic Parrots Indian Ringneck Book Revised Edition
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Up For Sale is A Book Called

A Guide to Asiatic Parrots Indian Ringneck Bird Book


This book is in SOFTcover.

by  Syd and Jack Smith

First Released in Australia 1997

Reprinted 1992

Revised edition 1997

Fun Book About Your Bird

You will look forward to Reading All About Your Bird.

Knowledge about your bird is important, be part of your bird's life. This wonderful quality book is written to help the novice AND Breeder on how to help with the  Health , Care & exercise of there your bird.....

Book is by ABK Publications.

DIMENSIONS of Books:  167mm wide  x 237mm high.

Pages in Book: 87 Pages

The Book has 70 colour images of Asiatic Parrot mutations

As well as genetic tables and information on Nutrition, Housing, Breeding and General Management.

Weighs: 250grams, Thats allot of High Quality Paper! 

The Book has many sections, see below.

General Management of Asiatic Parrots
Acquiring Stock
Handling of Parrots
Carry Box
Housing of Asiatic Parrots –Aviary & Cage set-ups
'New Wire' Disease
Nesting Logs and Nestboxes
Seed Diet
Basic Foods
Fruit and Vegetable Supplements
Breeding Asiatic Parrots
Keeping Records
Stock Management
Pairing and Mating
Handraising Asiatic Parrots
Handrearing Formula
Feeding Time
Surgical Sexing
Health and Diseases of Asiatic Species
Worming Dose Rates
How To Get The Best Out of Your Avian Veterinarian
NOTE: All Specific Species Chapters Include Details on Sexing, Housing, including aviary and cage specifications, Feeding and Breeding
Indian Ringnecked Parrot and its many Mutations
Alexandrine Parrot
Plum-headed Parrot
Derbyan Parrot
Malabar Parrot
Slaty-headed Parrot
Moustache Parrot
Malayan Long-tailed Parrot
Blossom-headed Parrot
A Guide to Asiatic Parrots (Revised Edition)

Great Present for Your Pet Lover Friend!


If combined with the purchase of a Bird Cage, Ladder, Diaper or Playground , Postage for the BOOK is FREE.

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