Chicken Heat Lamp 2 x 100W and 8inch Aluminium Lamp Shade

Chicken Heat Lamp 2 x 100W and 8inch Aluminium Lamp Shade

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Kit includes: 8" Lamp Shade, 1 x 100watt ceramic bulb
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Kit includes:
8" Lamp Shade, 2 x 100watt ceramic bulb

Brooder Aluminium Lamp Shade for Reptile Lamp or Chicken Brooders 

Lamps Shade Clamp lets you use shade in a Multi Directional way, just point in the direction you need the heat to go.

Item Description

  • 8.5" Dome ( approx. 22cm diameter x 15cm height )
  • Ceramic Battenholder fitting suitable for use with Ceramic bulbs.
  • Pre-wired Reptile Lamp with ceramic battenholder ready to plug in and use,
  • 1.8m cable
  • Inline on/off switch
  • Comes with shelf clamp
  • Heat resitant ceramic fitting
  • Standard ES screw fitting ( Screw in )
  • Australian standard 2 pin electric plug.
  • Reptile Lamp Holders are made from heavy gauge painted aluminium.
  • The ceramic socket ensures safety and the lamp can be used with the Clamp Lamp safety cover for added protection.
  • It also has a built in handle, handy for hanging.  bulbs you would need to keep you reptile healthy, such as Infrared, Compact UV, Daylight and Nightlight, Ceramic Heat Emitter.
  • Reptile Lamp Holder comes with a switch on the power line which allows you to select the desired setting to control heat and light in your vivarium or terrarium.
  • This can eliminate the need for changing your bulb during hot weather etc
  • We recommend that Ceramic Heat lamp Shades are used with thermostats to regulate the heat given off.

PLUS Flat profile, 2 X 100W screw-in ceramic heat lamp bulb

Unlike other heat lamp bulbs, ceramic heat lamps generate only infrared ceramic radiant heat – not light. This not only saves you energy, but also prevents keeping your animals awake at night, simulating a natural cycle and promoting greater health, growth and vitality. Because no energy is wasted as light, they are much warmer than a standard light globe of similar wattage and give off intense radiant heat very quickly – perfect for basking animals. Ceramic heat lamp bulbs also last much longer than conventional lighting globes which helps offset the upfront costs. Their compact shape and screw-in fitting allows these infrared lamps to fit inside most standard reflector light fittings without protruding like other ceramic heat emitters.

Item Description

  • Wattage 100
  • Standard ES screw fitting
  • 240 volt
  • Heat emitters give off heat but no light so they do not interfere with the normal day and night cycles important to your pets.
  • Reliable ceramic element
  • Ceramic heat emitters last much longer than conventional lighting globes which helps offset the upfront costs.
  • They give off intense radiant heat very quickly which is great for basking species.
  • These compact dome shaped emitters are great as they fit inside a standard reflector light fitting and do not stick out like the larger flat ceramic heat emitters do.
  • Their shape sees a greater concentration of heat in a more defined location.
  • NEW items in original packaging - never been used

Heat Emitter Size

  • 105mm Long From Tip to Flat End
  • 89mm Wide at the Flat End
  • 31mm Shaft to Screw in Fitting

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