Small Sipper Spout for Puppies

Small Sipper Spout for Puppies

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Suitable for Pet Puppy Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Hamsters, Squirrels, etc.

Product Name SMALL Hanging Bottle Head
Overall Size 110 x 70 x 50mm, 4"x 2 3/4" x 2" (L*W*H)
Tip Outside Diameter 10mm/3/8"
Neck protrudes past Holding Clamp 45mm, 1 3/4"
Material Plastic, Metal
Net Weight 47g
Fit Bottle Standard Australian Soft drink bottle


Show your care and love your friends pet, send this Drinking Bottle Spout as a gift for their pet companion!
The Drinking Bottle Spout is made of high quality plastic, works when you pet taps on the end of the Spout. 
Believe that your pet will like it absolutely and will be very appreciated by your performance. 
Must start with full bottle

  • Material: High quality plastic
    • Unscrew end so you can clamp to wire frame of Dog Crate or Guinea Pig Hutch
        • Quantity: 1pc Drinking Spout
          • loaded Stainless Steel Ball Stopper
            • Brand new and unused < >Comes with 2 screws for attaching to timber
            • Will post as soon as funds have cleared

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